Reality Bites: Talks of New Dallas Reality Show in the Works

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DALLAS – Hey all you reality TV junkies out there, there’s talk of a new reality show in the Triple D. And no, it’s not the “Real Housewives of Dallas,” but it is a Bravo show.

Cue ‘Ladies of Dallas’, a show that promises to highlight women “driven by vanity, personal validation and career advancement” who “all share the same goal to climb the social ladder and stay on top.” Yep, sounds like an hour of non-stop bickering and boasting. Because we all know that’s how people act in the ‘real world.’

Now, this ain’t Dallas’ first time at the rodeo when it comes to Reality-TV. Remember ‘Courtney Loves Dallas?’ That was cancelled as fast as ‘Most Eligible Dallas.’ Okay, remember ‘Big Rich Texas’? That’s a goner. ‘The A-List: Dallas’, finito.

Hey, we clearly don’t have a great track record when it comes to reality longevity. Even the revival of ‘Dallas’ rode off into the sunset.

Guess we’ll find out if ‘Ladies of Dallas’ will be a cat-fight worth watching, or another epic fail.

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