“Real-Life Wonder Women” see early screening of Wonder Woman

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DALLAS — An Israeli actress may be the star of the remake, Wonder Woman, which prompted theaters in Lebanon to ban the movie, but 12 “wonder women” in Dallas are the stars seeing an early screening of the movie, complete with a red carpet!

They’re winners of Studio Movie Grill`s “Real Life Wonder Women” from across the country for making a difference in their communities.

“Cafe Momentum is a local nonprofit, we`re here in Dallas and we work with at-risk youth,” says winner, Paige Litterer, “and it`s like a culinary training facility where we teach them how to do all the stations in the restaurant and also provide them with case management, social skills, and life skills training.”

“I have three daughters and my wife and we`ve been looking for just an incredibly inspiring superhero,” says SMG CEO Biran Schultz, “and it`s been a full decade since the last superhero movie and directed by a woman.”

He says that got him thinking about a way to honor these women and decided on awards as well as an early screening of Wonder Woman.

By the way, Paige isn’t the only winner from Texas!

“I currently work for a non-profit in Houston which is a resource center combined arms so I serve veterans throughout the day,” says Veteran, Monique Rodriguez. “It was an honor, it`s a surprise for me it`s, I`m just doing what I feel needs to be done.”

Both ladies, chosen out of 700 applicants, have a message for other women.

“Be the change you want to see in the world,” says Paige.

“We have the power, we just need the confidence within yourself,” says Monique.

Just some words of wisdom from real life “wonder women.”

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