Ready For Anything: City of Irving Runs Bio Terrorism Drills With Residents

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IRVING — For several days now, it seems like there’s been more of a viral spread of rumors behind Ebola than the actual spread of the virus itself …

Like that one story about Ebola victims rising from the dead to become zombies… yeah, right!

There’s even been some talk about terrorists groups using the virus as a weapon of mass destruction.

We’re looking at you, ISIS!

Well, just in case that does happen, at least we know parts of north Texas will be prepared.

Local emergency response groups have been practicing bio-terrorism drills at North Lake College in Irving.

“If there was any type of act of terrorism, like an Anthrax event we may set up things like that to dispense medication to the general public,” explained  Jason Carriere. He’s the Emergency Management Coordinator for the City Of Irving.

For a more hands on experience, local volunteers came out to play the role of the patient for this exercise.

“I thought it would be interesting; I wanted to see how they would go about doing this kind of process,” said volunteer Susan Combs.

“We’re using candy today, we’re not actually using medication,” said Carriere. “We’re training on it so if we ever do have to do it we’ll know exactly what’s needed to be done.”

Like the saying goes… It’s better to be safe than sorry.

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