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VENUS, TX — The quakes just keep on a coming.

After a trifecta of earthquakes in Irving last week, late Saturday night, the folks in Venus — that’s in Johnson County — we’re jolted by a 3.4 magnitude earthquake, interrupting some pretty important activities.

“I was playing video games,  just chilling,” Chad Parker recalled.

Well, the good news is it looks like all property was just chilling in the quake, too.  There were no reports of injuries or damage. It doesn’t sound like the quake left these folks trembling in their boots.

“It just felt like the bed was shaking. We looked around there weren’t any pictures falling off the walls,” Danny Marschall said.

“Ain’t no ground splitting or anything like that,” Parker added.

C’mon, anybody who’s lived in North Texas knows — quakes aren’t common in these parts. Well, they weren’t a few years ago. Long-time residents say the shaking started when fracking came to town.

“Lived here a long long time,” Marschall said. “Before the holes, we didn’t have any, so go figure.”

There’s no definitive conclusion on whats causing these quakes. But it`s clear — this seismic activity doesn’t feel normal.