DALLAS — We’re all hunting for warmth as temperatures dip into the 20’s and below, and that includes the smallest and dirtiest among us.

“They’re not healthy beings so they might have diseases or something so if you do smell anything, you wanna get it checked out,” said Pit Pros Service Manager Alejandro Perez.

The message a Frisco woman got explaining the smell in her car

A Frisco woman took that advice after smelling something foul on her car. The news wasn’t great. The woman wanted to stay anonymous, but she shared a message from her mechanic.

“You have a natural infestation of rats in your vehicle,” it said. “They have defecated all over the engine, muffler, and exhaust pipe. We even found a deceased one melted against the exhaust.”

Yup. Melted against the exhaust.

It sounds crazy until you go to a garage like Pit Pros in Dallas and ask if they’ve seen wild instances of wildlife.

“I’ve seen tails coming out of the fenders, so if that counts as normal then no,” Perez laughed.

The question is, how do you avoid it?

The main key is to simply keep your car as clean as you can, but if that’s not enough, you can try a store-bought or home-made repellent!

“You can spray repellent in between the fenders,” Perez said. “It kinda keeps them from going into the engine bay. Same thing with the door seals. Especially at the bottom because you know that’s where they get through. On the inside of the engine compartment, what you want to do is spray on the outside where you see a lot of electrical components, especially near the fenders. Like I was saying, they jump in.”

Sure, they want to stay warm too, but let’s not make too many friends this season. Those chewed up wires get pretty expensive!