Rapper Dee-1 teaches Dallas kids financial literacy

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DALLAS — Financially literate. It’s something that is expected from everyone, but no one really talks about it.

That, however, may soon all change thanks to a rapping math teacher that isn’t afraid of talking or rapping about the taboo subject.

“My message is be real, be righteous, be relevant.”

Dee-1, whose video about paying his student loans back went viral, has a special formula he’s teaching his students. And on Friday, he stopped by Charles A. Gill Elementary School in the Big D to drop some knowledge.

“Topics such as financial literacy, things that I don’t hear other rappers talking about that can empower and educate kids,” says Dee-1.

The NOLA native has become a common denominator when it comes to helping students make smart financial decisions about college and in life.

“I have partnered with Price Waterhouse Coopers, and we’ve been going to schools all around the nation speaking a message of financial literacy in a cool engaging way.”

And just when you think there isn’t a way to make decimals delightful, Dee-1’s lyrical and logistic methods get the kids thinking.

“I learned that follow your dreams because he was first a teacher and he became what he wanted to,” says fourth grader, Fatima Thomas. “We learned that you can get a scholarship, so you can go to college – like you don’t have to pay everything so you can go to college and follow your dreams.”

The sum of going to college may be expensive but teaching the youth how to be prepared for it, that’s priceless!

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