Ransomware virus could be worse on Monday

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LONDON, ENGLAND -- May 15 is going to bring a whole different case of the Mondays if all of our computers decide to blow up.

A massive cyber attack hit 150 countries across the world, and it all started with some code the NSA found in the Windows operating system.

The ransomware is called 'Wannacry' and locks up your computer and forces you to pay the hackers to get all your stuff back -- probably making you want to cry in the process. It's all put on a timer; when the timer counts down, the ransom goes up. If you don't pay up within a week, you lose everything.

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However, a kink in the hackers' plan happened when a cyber security expert in the UK accidentally stopped the hack by registering a domain the ransomware was trying to connect to, but that doesn't mean the whole thing can't be restarted with a few code changes. And apparently, that's already happened.

More cyber attacks are already reported and you can expect even more problems when people come into work on Monday and turn on their computers, only to realize they've become a victim of the virus, too.

The hackers haven't received that much money considering the attack is happening to so many businesses around the world. Microsoft put out an update in March to close the door on hackers, but some people still haven't updated yet.

If you're one of those people, you better get to it because you don't know what might happen come Monday.

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