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By Rachel Miller, NewsCastic

Texans have their own unique way of living that makes us stand out from non-Texans. There are certain things every Texas-native needs in their home to feel like a true Lone Star State citizen. So what exactly do true Texans have in their home? We’ve compiled a list of 20 things that are near and dear to a Texan’s heart.

20. A Picture At The Rodeo/Carnival


Almost everyone has been to the rodeo or carnival a few times in their lives. Chances are if you go through an old photo album, you’d most likely find a picture of yourself at the rodeo/carnival.

19. A Whataburger Cup

Mike P.

A true Texan will reuse this orange and white striped cup until it collapses.

18. Chili Powder


Texans are the originators of the chili recipe. There needs to be some sort of chili powder in the kitchen to serve up a nice bowl of homemade chili.

17. A Few Bags of Fritos


Speaking of chili, there must be a few bags of Fritos in your home. How else would you enjoy the succulent taste of a homemade Frito pie? Fritos were also created right here in Texas.

16. Mason Jars

Personal Creations

Mason Jars are so universal. We use them to store things in, prepare food, drink out of and even catch fireflies.

15. Texas Toast

Ty Konzak

Texas Toast is a much needed requirement to make patty melts, french toast or grilled cheese sandwiches. It also pairs well with fried fish and a barbecue meat plate.

14. Cast Iron Skillet


Whether you’re frying up some food or using it to bake your favorite cobbler or pie, a cast iron skillet is definitely needed in a Texan’s home.

13. A Special Blend of Seasonings


Seasonings are the key to having mouthwatering food. Some Texans have that one brand of seasonings they always use on their foods. The other half of Texans make their own special, secret seasoning concoctions to use every time they cook.

12. Some Sports Memorabilia


Whether it’s from your days of being a school athlete, or it’s from a professional sport, there’s bound to be some sports memorabilia in a Texan’s home. Texans take their sports seriously, especially football.

11. Pickup Trucks


Everything it bigger in Texas and that includes our cars. Just the sound of a pickup truck revving up reeks of a Texan. Pickup trucks allows Texans to own the highway. Many of us have ridden in the bed of a pickup truck to feel the breeze of that fresh Texas wind.

10. The Bigger The Hat, The Better


A hat is needed for every Texan to shield us from the sun. Whether it’s a sun hat, cowboy hat or a fedora: the bigger the hat, the better.

9. A Fresh Pair of Boots


A true Texan owns either a pair of work boots, cowboy boots, combat boots, or all the above.

8. Hot Sauce

evan p. cordes

Hot sauce is an essential condiment for a true Texan. Whether it’s Texas Pete, Louisiana, Frank’s Red Hot, etc., you will most likely find some sort of hot sauce in the pantry.

7. Barbecue Sauce

Susanne Nilsson

You can’t be considered a true Texan without having a stash of your favorite barbecue sauce. From Texas’ own Stubbs, to Sweet Baby Rays to Head Country. Barbecue sauce makes certain foods taste a whole lot better.

6. Beer


Nothing sounds more refreshing than washing your food down with a cold glass of beer. Beers are needed for holiday occasions, family BBQ’s and sporting events.

5. A Pack of Soda


Texans love their sodas. Especially root beer or a cold Dr. Pepper. We thoroughly enjoy drinking sodas after eating a fulfilling Texas meal.

4. A Gallon of Blue Bell


Texas’ very own Blue Bell is a staple in every household. A dessert just isn’t complete without a scoop of Blue Bell ice cream.

3. A BBQ Grill


You just can’t be a true Texan without having a grill. Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor grill, you need a grill. Texans love barbecue and will find any kind of occasion and excuse to fire up the grill.

2. Some Form of Art From a Famous Texan


A Texan’s pride is about as big as well, Texas. We all have some form of art from a famous Texan. That art ranges from a book, painting, movies, or albums. If a celebrity is from Texas, you most likely own something they’ve produced to the masses.

1. Anything Texas Shaped

Jerry Huddleston

Texans take pride in hailing from the Lone Star State. We will collect any and everything that’s shaped like Texas just to have in our home. We also enjoy dining on Texas shaped foods.