Radar Picks Up Massive Bug Swarm Over North Texas

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QUANAH, TX — At first glance, a weather radar readout over Knox County, Texas looks like a typical pop-up rain shower, but the real answer is way creepier.  That “rain storm” picked up by the National Weather Service is actually a swarm of grasshoppers and beetles.

Yikes! Sounds like something straight out of the Old Testament.

But before you go prepping for frogs, hail and rivers of blood, don’t worry. There’s a good explanation for this mass of insects.

“There’s a couple reasons for a swarm like that. One, it’s just a natural phenomenon as their population builds wherever they are. They reach a certain number which triggers them to move on to swarm somewhere else where they can pick up more food,” said Roger Sanderson, Director of Horticulture at Texas Discovery Gardens.

He continued, “And then the other side of the coin, weather conditions may effect whatever their natural disease organisms or predators organism, like we had that really wet spring and perhaps it really increased diseases on some kind of pest that normally controls that particular grasshopper or that particular beetle.”

So yeah, you can probably put away your End of the World signs and sleep soundly tonight.

Besides, it looks like the “swarm” is going to stay a good distance away from the Metroplex. But it might not hurt to grab an extra can or two of bug spray, just to be safe!

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