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DALLAS — Literally moving a house can be quite the feat. And that’s exactly what’s being done right now in Dallas to a house that was built in 1885 in The Cedars, just south of Downtown.

“We have so few Queen Anne Victorian houses left in Dallas and this one was very endangered. And a magic thing happened recently! The community, the entire community, came together and said, ‘we are going to save this house,'” said Virginia McAlester with Preservation Dallas.

“I just think that in order to comprehend your present and plan for your future you have to understand and appreciate your past. And if we just knock everything down we’ll loose that tie,” said Mark Tinek, one of the men restoring the house. “This house is the last vestige of the original Jewish community. It built Dallas’ first suburb south of downtown here in The Cedars… and they were instrumental in building what Dallas is today.”

“It’s got a unique history in Dallas and I just think its’ important to maintain the memory of that.”