Pyro Preview: NewsFix Goes Behind The Scenes At Kaboom Town

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ADDISON, TX — All this weekend, fireworks shows are lighting up the night across North Texas for Independence Day. And while we all love the “bombs bursting in air,” we probably never think about what goes into these pyrotechnic extravaganzas.

NewsFix decided to go behind the scenes of Kaboom Town, a show so big USA Today ranked it in the top ten for the entire country, to give you a first-hand look at what goes into the show.

"It takes a lot of effort," said Chad Stanley, Operations Manager with Pyro Shows, the group that puts together the Kaboom Town show. “Every fireworks show big or small across the U.S. has got a group of people that have spent countless hours out here in the sun, in the wind, just prepping and prepping for folks to come out and watch a 20-minute fireworks show and enjoy themselves with their families.”

And the process is probably way more precise and high-tech than you would think!

“We start with the music, we go in and lay down placeholders of where we want an effect to take place,” said Stanley. “Not necessarily a specific effect, we just want something there.

"And then we go back and put in actual effect and the computer actually knows how long it takes for that particular effect to function: How long it takes to ignite in the tube, lift all the way to apogee, and for the crowd to see the effect. And it back times that in the program and fires that all in sync with the music.”

Wow! So yeah, they’re not just lighting fuses at random here! Now when you take in these patriotic explosions you can appreciate the NASA level planning and technology that all goes into giving you something to “ooh and ahh” at.


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