Public Executions: Hamas Kills Suspected Spies

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GAZA — The brief silence between Israel and Palestine has been broken. Earlier this week, waves of rockets sent people running for shelter in Israel as Hamas broke a ceasefire.

A public execution in Gaza has surfaced, and sparked even more fear and ammunition for war. Seven suspected Palestinian spies were lined up by hooded Hamas gunmen outside a mosque where they were shot to death.

The Palestinians were accused of pin-pointing targets for Israeli Intelligence. The graphic executions came a day after members of the Hamas Militants were targeted and killed by an Israeli missile strike.

Now, Hamas officials claim Hamas militants are responsible for kidnapping and killing three Israeli teens that went missing earlier this summer.

Since then, Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, vowed that Hamas would pay for the killings. But at this rate, neither side shows any signs of backing down.

“The operation has not ended. This is a long and continuous battle. Our struggle against the terrorist organization is a long one”, said Netanyahu.

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