Protesters Picket Outside Judge Clay Jenkins Home

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Dallas — A group of immigration protesters gathered outside Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins’ Highland Park home on Saturday.  The group organized its efforts on Facebook. About two dozen people showed up with signs in hand, and quietly stood outside Jenkins’ house, in the  presence of police officers. Judge Jenkins wasn’t home; he’s reportedly on vacation.

“You can do far more for them, in their country, than you can here,” protester Michael Openshaw said.

The border crisis has divided North Texas; two sides are equally passionate about their positions regarding the county’s efforts to house some two-thousand migrant children.

“This has turned into a nightmare,” Openshaw said. “We need to secure the border, and we need to get a grasp on what’s happening.”

The group’s grievance comes as the county braces for the arrival of unaccompanied immigrant children. Jenkins initially said the kids would be here at the end of this month.

Yet, as of last Monday,  the three proposed shelters appeared to be in no shape to house the onset of expected children.

“He’s picking sights that aren’t set-up to be residences,” Openshaw explained. “It’s going to be very expensive to rebuild these sights to what he envisions.”

But, not everyone shares Openshaw’s opinion.

“They`re not using the school, it`s shut down. Might as well use it for something, and might as well be something good instead of just leaving it there and not doing anything with it,” one supporter said.

Sentiments as diverse as the issue itself; a problem producing a border some aren’t willing to cross.

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