Protesters disrupt Richard Spencer’s scheduled speech at UF campus

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GAINESVILLE, FL — Huge crowds of protesters and cops swarmed University of Florida Thursday afternoon. They were all in attendance for white nationalist Richard Spencer’s appearance.

Inside the school’s performing arts center, things didn’t calm down either. Students yelled phrases such as”black lives matter” … “Nazi’s aren’t welcomed” so much that Spencer couldn’t start his speech on time. He ended up skipping to Q & A but it just turned into a war of words.

“You’ve said it,” Spencer yelled at the crowd. “…now it’s time for me to speak, I’ll stand here all day if I have to.”

Days before his event, Florida’s governor issued a “state of emergency” to help prevent physical violence.

Thankfully, the campus remained peaceful although UF president, W. Kent Fuchs, wasn’t thrilled about the cost of the extra security.

“We’re taking the equivalent of a thousand tuitions and investing in security because of his followers.” Fuchs explained.

Fuchs said he couldn’t legally stop Spencer for coming– so majority of students didn’t exactly roll out the welcome mat.


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