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PROSPER– Student journalists at one North Texas high school are celebrating their victory against censorship.

“Last school year we were censored by our administration,”  said Haley Stack, the assistant editor-in-chief of Prosper High School’s student-run newspaper, Eagles Nation Online.

Principal John Burdett had his cover blown after refusing to let students publish stories he deemed controversial or harmful to the school’s image.

“Just because they made the school look bad, it really seem like he valued the school’s image more than quality journalism for our papers since we were so restricted all year,” Editor-in-Chief Neha Madhira told NewsFix.

Since facing backlash in June, Burdett has begun the school year with a new lead. He’s erasing all of his censorship policies, allowing students to have free reign of the award-winning publication without his approval.

Some stories he previously objected to include one about the removal of a book with homosexual characters from the curriculum because some students objected to it. Another article Burdett banned called out teachers for preventing students from participating in national school walk-out protests against gun violence.

Haley and Neha say they hope to study journalism in college.