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GRAPEVINE — For most teens, the key step to adulthood starts behind the wheel. But besides passing Drivers Ed, there are a few life lessons student drivers should know before getting the green light.

For example: Car crashes are the number one killer of teens in America.

“It affects everyone, but it’s people my age that are largely affected by it, ” Pro race car driver Jarret Voorhies told NewsFix.

Although Jarret spends most of his time racing, the 17-year-old is also an advocate for teen safe driving and was a guest speaker at the Teens in the Driver Seat in Grapevine. The two-day summit focuses on traffic safety and major risks for teen drivers.

On Monday, Jarret gave a crash course to hundreds of students. And since he’s no stranger to staying safe behind the wheel, he was excited to dish out pointers to his peers.

“I love going fast, but there’s no reason to go fast on public roads,” Jarret explained.

Studies show about 33% of teen drivers and passenger deaths occur in speed-related accidents. Other factors like driving at night, not wearing a seat belt, texting and drunk driving also play a big part in teen car crashes.

The summit also featured interactive activities that students got to experience first hand.

“Makes me feel sick and kind of confusing — everything looks closer than they are,” one student explained after trying on beer goggles.

Hopefully, students walked away with homework they can use to stay safe in the future.