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NORTH TEXAS — We all love a good discount, right?! You’ve heard of getting the best deal when stores like Walmart will price match other stores. So what if you were able to bargain to get a lower price for college tuition?

The Wall Street Journal reports private colleges like Atlanta’s Oglethorpe University are offering to “price match” the tuition of public state schools.

And to compete with the University Of Pittsburgh and Penn State, Robert Morris University in Pennsylvania is implementing a “public price match plus guarantee” that comes with a $3,000 scholarship.

On average, it costs about $47,000 a year to go to a private college, compared to only about $20,000 to go to a public school.

But, private schools aren’t the only ones offering deals. Some public schools in Michigan, South Dakota, and Nebraska say they are willing to provide in-state tuition for out-of-state students.

Demand for higher education has risen consistently over the years, and in the past two years alone tuition has increased over three percent. However Ohio University professor, Richard Vedder, says the higher cost means having a degree today doesn’t hold the same weight it did 10 years ago.

But don’t let all that discourage you from going after more education. You might be able to get a price break!