Prince Fielder Gives Emotional Goodbye to Baseball


ARLINGTON, TX – AUGUST 10: Prince Fielder #84 of the Texas Rangers talks with the media after doctors recommended Fielder to end his baseball playing career on August 10, 2016 in Arlington, Texas. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

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ARLINGTON – 32-year-old Prince Fielder received the royal treatment Wednesday as he and the Rangers met at Globe Life Park to announce the end of his career, it was an emotional goodbye. “You got a tissue?” asked Fielder during the middle of his speech.

Fielder wasn’t the only one shedding tears, his kids, who were also with him the day he signed with the team, were as well. “They never allowed me to feel bad,” explained Fielder. “’It’s alright dad’ they didn’t break stride…They just asked me to come play video games. I’m so proud of them for being that strong for me at that time.”

Fielder gave a heartfelt goodbye to the organization. “I just want to thank my teammates, all the coaching staff. I’m going to really miss being around those guys,” he said.

But he also let it his teammates know that the goal of the season remains the same, “They got work to do, I’ve got some cheerleading to do and hopefully win the World Series and pop the champagne.”

If he ever runs out of Kleenex fielder will still have plenty of paper laying around as he’s still owed $104 million on his contract. Due to an insurance policy, the rangers inherited when taking on his contract they’re only responsible for paying $44 million of the total.

So now the team whose rallying cry has been “Never Ever Quit” can add another quote for motivation; “Win one for Prince!”

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