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Thousands of anti-abortion activists flooded the streets of dc for the annual march for life rally on Friday.

“To the vast gathering of Americans young and old at the national mall at this very hour – welcome back to Washington D.C. And welcome back to the largest pro-life gathering in the united states of America.”

Every year around the Roe v. Wade anniversary, protestors come out to support the cause. House Speaker Paul Ryan and former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow also joined in on the conversation. While in Washington, thousands were greeted by President Trump. He’s  the first sitting U.S. President to do so.

“Today im honored and really proud to be the first president to stand with you here at the White House to address the 45th, March for Life. That’s very very special. “

He and Vice-president Mike Pence talked to the crowds from the comfort of White House rose garden. Rally-goers were able to catch video of their message at the National Mall.

All in all, it was a great day for pro-life fighters. Potus went on to declare January 19th as National Sanctity of Life Day and made a promise to the people that he will always choose life.

“Under my administration, we will always defend the very first right in the Declaration of Independence. And that is the right to life.”