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DALLAS — The Byron Nelson already has their winner!

21-year old rookie Aaron Wise may have scored his first PGA Tour victory, but after the big win, all eyes were on President George W. Bush, and the military heroes by his side, for the 2018 Bush Institute Warrior Open at the Byron Nelson.

“It’s an honor because I remember in 2001, well, everybody remembers that day, but I remember watching the TV and he was briefing the nation. He looked into the camera and said ‘You in the military, get ready. We’re going,” retired U.S. Army Capt. Roger Benimoff recalled.

President Bush started the Warrior Open in 2011 for military members who have been seriously injured since the 9/11 attack as a way to give the men and women who’ve served a way to ease into civilian life.

And these guys were ready to tee off!

“The thing that took me about golf was just that the colors and the greens, being in Iraq everything is gray and bleak,” Benimoff said.

2015 Warrior Open Champion, retired Staff Sergeant Andrew Bachelder of the Marine Corps was one of only two survivors after a mid-air helicopter crash left four of his fellow crew members dead.

Now, he uses golf as a way to get veterans back on their feet and step up to putt.

“When we leave the military, we lost the camaraderie that we built over the years that we were inside of the military together. This allows us to meet one another on the outside of the military and build another camaraderie on the golf course or in other events,” Bachelder explained.

Looks like these golfers are ready to make a hole-in-one on life!