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September 30 2021 07:00 pm

Preservatives May Cause Fat-Flammation

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PLANO — It’s no secret most of the food we love to eat is, well, bad for us. Along with trans-fats, high calories, and sugar, some docs say preservatives could also be linked to health hardships. Great – so, what’s going on?

“Your fat cells become inflamed and start emitting these inflammatory molecules, which slow down the metabolism and you have something called fat-flamation,”  Nutritionist Dr. Lori Shemek said. Dr. Shemek is also the autor of the book “How to Fight Fatflammation!”

Sounds serious. Just ask Sarah Crilley. After noticing some changes in her engery level, she booked an appointment to see her doc. When this 25-year-old`s blood work came back, she discovered her heart age was 44! Talk about a heartbreak.

“I`m 44 on the inside! So I woke up,” Crilley said.

“More junk food congesting your liver, which is part of the reason why you`re probably feeling tired,” Dr. Shemek said.

“When I do eat, apparently, I make really poor choices what I`m putting into my body,” Crilley said. She’s now on a mission to reclaim her heart health. “It’s gotten to the point where I need to make some changes and be a good influence for my son as well,” Crilley added.

While passing on the preservatives may seem nearly impossible,  Dr. Shemek says little changes can make a big difference. “So our health is really at the end of our fork.”

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