Prayers for Kent: Church Watches As Dr. Brantly Gets Clean Bill of Health

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FORT WORTH- People across the country have been praying for a miracle when it came to Dr. Kent Brantly. Their prayers have been answered, including those at Brantly’s church in Fort Worth.

As members of the Southside Church Of Christ  congregation gathered around a small monitor to watch Thursday’s press conference, they were moved to tears.

“To the extent that we have tested there is no evidence of Ebola virus in their bodies,” said Dr. Bruce Ribner, Emory University Hospital’s Assistant Professor of Medicine.

“I was fighting back tears, it was tears of joy. Again I am just so inspired by him and how he has handled the whole situation,” a church member said.

The hospital in Fort Worth where Dr. Brantley did his residency sent a statement saying, “This is a day of great joy at JPS Health Network. Dr. Kent Brantly’s recovery represents what we work to achieve every day.”

“I am thrilled to be alive, and to be well. God saved my life,” Dr. Brantly said.

“I would tell him I loved him and was so thankful that, as he said God spared his Life and I would encourage him to use his new-found fame for good.”

Good is something Dr. Brantly knows something about, by putting his life on the line to help others in need.

He may not be a Saint… yet. But it looks like he might have an “in” with the man upstairs.

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