Prayerful man loses Applebee’s lawsuit

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TRENTON, NJ – Some people just can’t pray and eat good in the neighborhood at the same time. At least that was the case for a New Jersey man who burned himself while praying over a plate of sizzling fajitas. In 2010, Hiram Jimenez says he suffered burns on his face, neck and arms after grease popped out of a skillet while his head was bowed.

Jimenez claims his waitress didn’t give him warning that the dish was hot; apparently, the sizzling wasn’t a big enough clue. But yesterday, an appeals court ruled that Jimenez can’t collect on damages for the burns he suffered.

Who can blame our Applebee’s lover from trying, though? Because when it comes to heated lawsuits, this is just one of many.

Remember the famous McDonald’s coffee lawsuit which awarded a woman almost $3 million after she was scalded by coffee that happened to be, ummm hot?

And it doesn’t stop with the golden arches. In 2005, Wendy’s was hit with a lawsuit after a woman claimed she found a finger in her bowl of chili. But eventually the finger pointed toward her when it was discovered that she had planted the finger in the chili herself.

And people aren’t just trying to make a fast buck off of fast food. There’s the case of the Oregon man who sued Michael Jordan and Nike co-founder Phil Knight after being fed up for being mistaken for the basketball legend.

So don’t expect dumb lawsuits to end anytime soon. Maybe our guy from Applebee’s should pray for a little more common sense.


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