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MESQUITE–The sign tells you: Mesquite is a “Preserve America” community.

But apparently that “spirit of preservation” doesn’t include the streets or our tires!

Today’s pothole can really give you a jolt. It’s in Mesquite on Galloway Avenue at Highway 80.

Kevin drives for a living so he knows all about the potholes in Mesquite.

“I hit a pothole and had a flat,” he told NewsFix.

Jeff hasn’t had it quite that bad. He drives in to Mesquite every day for work.

“Any of the side streets are completely tore up,” he said.

Kevin’s got a message for the city.

“They need to fix these streets.”

And Jeff has a message for *you.*

“Stay outta here if you can,” he said. “It’s gonna tear your car up.”

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