Possible Motive in Plano East Double Suicide

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PLANO — No surprise that the mood inside Plano East High School is pretty somber after two students committed suicide over the weekend.

“It’s very depressing. In a lot of the classes, there are a lot of lectures about how you shouldn’t kill yourself,” student Nicole Mullens explained.

The obvious question: Why did it happen? Was it a suicide pact? Bullying? Or just a coincidence that Ritu Sachdeva and Kate Kuizon died within hours of each other.

So far, Murphy PD investigators say they don’t know the motive.

At Plano East, a student said rumors are swirling that it was a love triangle gone terribly wrong. But text messages from teenagers only raise more questions than answers in this troubling case.

It turns out, parents of kids as young as kindergarten are also being told to watch out for warning signs. That’s right, at a recent meeting at Apple Creek Pre-School, a school official from Frisco ISD told parents they were seeing signs of suicidal thoughts in Kindergarten students.

“I was sitting in the back and I was like, ‘Oh wow, that is scary and sad,'” said school director Karen Barron. “This just drives home what can happen when parents see the reality at the high school level.”

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