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At some point we have all had a dream, a calling to do something we are passionate about. For one ft. Worth, texas man his calling has turned into an mission to restore positivity in his community.

“I just had this hunger to start something that represented more of who I was.”

Clay Patterson turned his hunger for something more, into a business designed to positively affect the way people think, live and impact society.

“I had this entrepreneurial spirit. God really changed my life in a positive way and I wanted to create a clothing company that would kind of reflect that, but I didn’t know what to name it” says Patterson.

Clay was working at American Hat Company in Ft. Worth when a symbol on his bosses cowboy boots caught his eye.

“There was a ‘+ x’. It caught my attention and I asked my boss I said hey what is that? He said it’s Keith Maddox’s cattle brand. It’s called Positive Times.”

Patterson new the positive times symbol might be the perfect fit for his company.

“I want to use my boss’s cattle brand to start my own job. So where do I go, what do I do? You have to basically ask you boss to use something that is theirs to start your own thing that you are going to do on the side, but they are paying you to work for them.”

His boss, said run with it and that his how patterson’s company positive times was born.

“I just believe that a positive mind will result in a positive life” he says.

And his brand reflects that. Hoodies, sweatshirts, caps and more all sport the positive times symbol and inspiring sayings, but the brand is about something bigger than clothes.

Patterson says “It’s not just centered around creating cool clothes that I can get in stores, but to focus more on the mission. More of the heart of what posotive times is.”

And at heart Clay wants to give back, so he launched project Positive Times and for every hoodie or sweatshirt he sells, he gives one away to a person in need.

“So now when people do make a purchase they know they are making a positive impact on someone else’s life.”

And he encourages everyone to help spread the positive times message.

“So it speaks differently to different people. And I hope that when people get asked what they are wearing that they tell them their own story and everybody’s story can help someone else.”

You can learn more about Clay’s inspiring story, check out his cool gear and learn how to get involved at