Pool Party Girl Plans on Filing Lawsuit Against McKinney and Officer

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FRISCO – The attorney for Dajerria Becton, who was forced face down at a McKinney pool party last year, says she is moving forward on two lawsuits even though no charges were filed against McKinney officer Eric Casebolt.

Attorney Kim Cole says she will file a civil case against the officer and the city of McKinney for the maximum amount allowed. She also plans to file a federal case claiming the teenager’s civil rights were violated.

Cole is set to attend a McKinney Community forum Monday night and says she has a few questions of her own. “Officer Casebolt was not and will not be charged with a crime, so does that mean his actions are considered acceptable by McKinney police?” Cole asked.

Cole says Dajerria won`t be at the forum, she’s still traumatized about being around police and swimming pools.

Her attorney says a police officer should be held accountable just like a parent would be.

“Had I grabbed my own child my own child by the hair and threw her on the ground and put my knee on her neck and my knee in her back, I, Kim Cole, would be charged with a crime,” said Cole.

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