Ponytail Problems: Docs warn your ponytail could cause health issues

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DETROIT, MI — Rocking a ponytail isn’t so much of a fashion “don’t,” but doctors are saying if you do wear one, it can cause major pain.

It’s no secret that the heavier the hairstyle the heavier the headache. And for some people, wearing their hair up those headaches turn into migraines. Neurologists from the University of Michigan say those who have “high scalp sensitivity” could end up with lasting migraines.

So if you wanna stay ahead of that pony tail pain while wearing your pony, several studies suggest cutting your hair short.

For those of you who can’t let go of the inches, you can use scrunchies instead of an elastic ponytail holder.

The ponytail might be the perfect way to whip your hair, but save yourself the headache!

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