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The idea of polygamy always raises eyebrows.

It’s the subject of a reality series, “Sister Wives” on TV.

The state of Utah could even face a legal battle over a new ban.

So maybe this headline caught your eye: “City in Louisiana Makes Polygamy Legal. More Than One Wife or Husband Now Allowed.”

Hey, They’ve even got a picture of the happy couple trio.

It’s from CBS News, so it must be true, right?

Well, It sure doesn’t look like the CBS news we all know.

And their web address has an extra “.co” on the end!

A quick search shows us that CBS is registered to a guy named “Francisco Fuentealba in Florida.
And the site’s only been operating since 2015.

The real* CBS news has been around since 1927.

The story says “DeQuincy, Louisiana” made polygamy legal.

But a TV station nearby has the other side of the story: DeQuincy targeted by fake news site again.

Oh, and that picture of the newlyweds?

That’s actually from an Australian soap opera.  The “other woman” popped up in a dream sequence.

It’s all fiction.

Just like this story.

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