Poll: 32 Million Already Christmas Shopping

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DALLAS—Tuesday marks (gasp) 100 days left 'til Christmas!

“My grandmother, she pretty much starts the day after,” Taylor Graham explained. “She’ll be like, my baby so-and-so, my grandchild will love this.”  “Yes!” Chyrese Wright exclaimed.

And according to a recent poll on creditcards.com, Grandma’s not alone.  About 32 million adults have already started shopping—with ages 65+ leading the pack.

“Kind of crazy,” Brian Willis said.

“Everyone in my family is way too lazy to go ahead of time,” Angela Hale said.

“She tells you about it, too,” Graham continued, “‘I got you something, but you can’t have it 'til Christmas.’”

“That’s the worst,” Wright said, “I don’t like the anticipation. I don’t like to wait.”

“I was shocked. I don’t do my Christmas shopping until a couple of weeks before," Jennifer McNabb told NewsFix. "I grew up not getting the Christmas tree until a week before, and not really doing Christmas before it was Christmas, certainly not doing Christmas before it was Halloween,” she laughed.

The poll also says the early birds tended to be wealthier, wanted to save time and, interestingly enough, money, contradictory to the notion of the pre-holiday sales.

“I have a friend who, I’m not even kidding, it’s pretty much done by July, so she just sits back and watches all the crazy people running around in Walmart,” Hale said.

“Sometimes the crowd does bring problems. A lot of people were wrestling last year, so for some people it’s good to start early,” Willis added.

The stores aren’t too far behind.  Some places in the DFW Metroplex got an early start too, selling Christmas items, even sporting decorations.

“I did notice that the other day.  I think I was down in the Knox-Henderson area. I saw some things that were kind of green and red and ‘bulbly’ and I thought, my goodness, really?  It’s before Halloween,” McNabb said.  “If there are 32 million Americans doing Christmas shopping, I guess retail outlets are going to be ready for them.”

Looks like some folks might beat Ol’ Saint Nick this year.

“One of the things I appreciate about your country is that you have Thanksgiving,” McNabb continued, “Thanksgiving has always been a nice holiday for me because it’s very simple. It’s friends and family sharing a meal, and that’s how I like Christmas to be.”

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