Police Transparency: DPD Offers Perspective on Ferguson Deadly Shooting

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DALLAS — The deadly shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., and the subsequent fallout, continues to raise questions of police accountability.

Dallas Police Chief David Brown put his thoughts on paper, and wrote an article for The Dallas Morning News. In the piece, he recalled a deadly officer involved shooting in the summer of 2012. It was in southeast Dallas; the victim was black and the officer was white. The incident triggered chaos and outrage in the community.

In the article, Chief Brown wrote: “There is no instruction book for what you do after you get a call like that one, nor is there someone to tell you what to do.”

“We immediately informed the public in a news conference about all the facts as we knew them. We assured the public that a complete and thorough investigation would be done.”

Brown isn’t the only uniform at DPD to offer insight and perspective when it comes to transparency and tactics. Maj. Max Geron, with DPD’s media relations unit, was quoted in The Washington Post saying: ”The ideal police response to a protest is no response at all.”

“You want to let people exercise their constitutional rights without interference.”

Their positions were posted on Twitter and seem to be well received.  One woman tweeted: “@dpdchief your command of force is a model for all law enforcement entities . .@maxdpd et al bring transparency & leadership to community!”

Perhaps it’s easier to assess a situation when you’re on the other side. After all, some could argue the recent shooting of a mentally ill man, Jason Harrison, shows the need for more transparency.



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