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PLANO —So many have been looking for 23-year-old Christina Marie Morris after she disappeared from the Shops of Legacy in Plano over the weekend.

Her mother is left hurting.

“Still holds my hand, at 23 years old…still snuggles when she comes to visit me…still wants to stay up and talk,” her mother, Jonni McElroy said about Christina.  “I’m just lost. I’m lost.  We’re all lost,” she added, between tears.

Morris’s mother is now searching 24/7, and her friends will be on the search, too. Her family went door to door, passing out flyers, asking if anyone has seen Christina, who left a friend’s apartment after 3:00 a.m. Saturday.

Looking for Christina: Search for Missing Woman Extends to Lake Lewisville, Allen

“I think as parents, we should be able to see the surveillance tapes, and that’s what I’m going to fight for,” McElroy said.  “She would have contacted, that’s why I know it’s foul play. I’m kind of getting mad now.  We’ve got to find clues, come on!”

New video might be that clue. Plano Police released grainy surveillance video showing her being walked to the parking garage by a high school friend.

Her mother is still left with questions.  Questions, like why didn’t her boyfriend, who stayed with her, let anyone know she was missing?

“She was in a relationship for a year; they lived in Fort Worth.  Actually, she was gone for four days, before he even thought about contacting anybody, her boss is the one who contacted us to let us know.”

A passerby gave McElroy a hug and expressed her support.  “I have a 23-year-old daughter and three sons, so I’m praying.”

“She was supposed to call her friends that she made it home safely…She never got that phone call,” McElroy said.

Hopefully, this mom can get the phone call saying her daughter is okay.

PLANO, TX — Police in Plano are searching for a Fort Worth woman who disappeared from the Shops of Legacy over the weekend.

According to Officer David Tilley, 23-year-old Christina Marie Morris was reported missing Tuesday, three days after she was last seen walking with a friend into a parking garage on Legacy Drive in Plano. “She was out there, hanging out with some friends Friday night into Saturday morning,” Tilley said.
Police say Morris spent the evening with her friends, hanging out at the shops, and then later at her friend’s apartment. At 3:55 am, Christina left with a guy she knew from high school.

“He went one way to go to his car and she went one way to go to her car,” Tilley said.

Officers found Morris’ silver Toyota Celica in the parking garage, but there is no sign of her.

“That is the last anyone had heard from her,” Christina’s mother, Jonni McElroy, said. “I’m very lost without her; I’m yearning to see her smile. I’m yearning to feel her touch.”

Christina never showed up for work and her employer became concerned.  “Tuesday, her work had called one of her friends and said she hadn’t shown up for work for two days. Work called her friend, her friend called us — that’s what got everything rolling,” Christina’s father, Mark Morris, said.

Christina Marie Morris:
White female
5’4″ tall
100 lbs.
Blonde hair
Brown eyes
Last seen entering a parking garage at the Shops at Legacy

Christina’s family says it’s not like her to not call or text. According to her step-mother, Anna Morris, “We are a very close-knit family; we have always had open communication.”

For her family, finding Christina can’t happen fast enough. “We need to know. We need to bring her home,” Anna Morris said.

The search widens as the investigation continues. “We’ve organized a search party to go out and search and rescue in the open fields in the area,” Tilley said.

Police released the last known footage of Christina; the surveillance video shows Christina and her friend walking in the parking garage on Legacy Drive.

Anyone with information is asked to call Plano PD at 972-424-5678.


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