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FORT WORTH – Remember that Mesquite cop who proved he had quick hands while playfully sparring on his beat?

Well… apparently he’s not the only officer who’s been hitting the gym.

The annual Texas Police Games kicked off this week, and the blue crews are showing off, right here in North Texas.

“To cut loose and kind of express the training they’ve been doing for the past year or so and take their minds off the daily grind of police work, because it’s tough on a body,” said Manny Ramirez of the Fort Worth Police Officers Association.

With agencies coming in from across the state, and events that range from power lifting to billiards, there are a lot of bragging rights to be earned out here.

“This is sort of like the Olympics, if you’re the host you want to be the best,” said Sgt. Chris Britt of the Fort Worth Police Department. “You want to top everything.”