I’m Sorry: Mike Brown’s Stepdad Apologizes for Outburst

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FERGUSON — Michael Brown’s stepfather says he’s sorry for his emotional outburst to demonstrators after learning Officer Darren Wilson wouldn’t be indicted in the teen’s death. But he says he’s unfairly taking heat for the rioting that followed.

Despite Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson’s assertion that police are investigating whether Louis Head intended to incite a riot with his words, law enforcement sources told CNN that Head is unlikely to be prosecuted.

Head said Wednesday that “emotions got the best of me” on the night of November 24 in Ferguson, Missouri, when he yelled “Burn this motherf—er down!” and “Burn this bitch down!”

“I was so angry and full of raw emotions, as so many others were, and granted, I screamed out words that I shouldn’t have screamed in the heat of the moment,” he said in a statement obtained exclusively by CNN’s Don Lemon. “It was wrong, and I humbly apologize to all of those who read my pain and anger as a true desire for what I want for our community.

But to place blame solely on me for the conditions of our community, and country, after the grand jury decision goes way too far and is as wrong as the decision itself. To declare a state of emergency and send a message of war, and not peace, before a grand jury decision was announced is also wrong.

“In the end, I’ve lived in this community for a long time. The last thing I truly wanted was to see it go up in flames. In spite of my frustration, it really hurt to see that.”

No charges likely

Don’t expect any charges to come from the Ferguson and St. Louis County Police probe into Head’s comments, local law enforcement officials tell CNN.

The officials say the investigation isn’t likely to go anywhere, in part because it would face a high bar to prove that his words actually caused any rioters to act.

One law enforcement official was frustrated by Jackson’s comments, which officials view as inflammatory at a time when they’re trying to calm the situation.

“We just wish he would just shut up,” the law enforcement official said.

Even if the investigation into Head’s comments doesn’t result in charges, the police probe could still cause problems for him. Federal court records indicate he is on probation for a previous drug charge.

CNN reached out to his probation officer, but there was no response to a request for comment.

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