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THE COLONY — He’s a convicted felon with a trail of victims that criss-crosses country, and now cops are looking for him in North Texas.

His name is Derek Alldred. Police in The Colony issued an arrest warrant for him this week. They posted a video about him on Facebook, too.

“What his thing is,” explains TCPD Officer Kyle Koiner in the video, “is he likes to get on dating sites, meet women, and then scam them out of their money.  Sometimes acting as a doctor, lawyer, even military personnel.”

Yikes – posing as a war hero?  How low can you go?

He apparently goes low pretty often, too. Based on the number of aliases he apparently operates under — and the number of mugshots he’s racked up all across the country.

“Other names he might go by are Rich Tailor, or Richard Peterson,” Koiner says. “Some of these photos are mugshots from St. Paul Minnesota Police Department, all the way from California and Arizona.  He makes a living going around the country, and unfortunately it happened here in The Colony, Texas.”

Now he’s wanted in The Colony for debit/credit card abuse.

“So, Derek, Richard, Rich, whatever name you want to be called by,” said Koiner, “Give us a call.  We’ll keep the light on for you.  We have a nice jail.”

As for everybody else, folks like this are a reminder to be careful who we meet online. And that if someone seems too good to be true, they just might be.