Polar Plunge: Light Snow Possible Sunday Night

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DALLAS, TX — Okay folks, we know it’s been a cold week, but brace yourselves– it’s goning to get colder, much colder.

“It’s crazy! Don’t we live in Texas? I mean, that’s why we live here so we don’t have to deal with this, right?” Kristen Cunningham questioned.

Looks like Old Man Winter is arriving a lot earlier than expected, and he’s bring some friends: colder temperatures, rain and snow.  The light mix is expetced to move across North Texas Sunday afternoon or early evening, on the heels of a wintery cold front.

Rain could start to fall overnight Saturday, with temps plunging into the 30s by Sunday.  Yeah, we know – it’s just what you wanted to hear.

“I will be at home, wrapped in a blanket; not outside,” Haley Propes jokingly said.

Hey, it could be worse. Our friends across the country are digging out of several inches of snow. Over 40-inches fell in parts of Michigan; folks in Oregon and Idaho are blanketed under the white stuff and in Colorado, temps fell to minus 12-degrees earlier this week.

So, about that ‘light snow mix’…hmmm…doesn’t seem so bad now, does it?

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