Pokèmon Go: Taking Over More Than Just Your Phone!

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LOS ANGELES, CA — If you’ve been on any type of social media or even taken a walk in the park, chances are you’ve seen the new phenomenon taking over the world.

Yep, Pokémon Go!

Within 24 hours it not only became the most downloaded app but also became the most popular mobile game app in U.S. history in just one week.

Unfortunately, its worldwide domination was a little delayed Saturday after Pokémon go crashed. A group of hackers, who call themselves PoodleCorp, was apparently behind the crash that left users unable to log in. To make matters worse, they say they have another attack planned!

However, the little hack didn’t deter a huge gathering of nerds in New York’s Central Park. Hundreds of people gathered to catch a rare Pokémon. It even had some people jumping out of their cars!

Others are renting out party buses! Can you believe it? For $20 the hour, a chauffeur will take you and your buddies to all the hot spots to find Pokémon.

Uber drivers are also in the mix promising to drive you around day or night until you catch the ever evasive, Pikachu.

And let’s not forget Craigslist. Ads all over the site have popped up promising to help catch them all! It just goes to show the Pokémon craze is heading to places you never imagined.

With that said, happy hunting!

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