Pokemon Go May Have Health Benefits

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PLANO– It’s the game that is catching on across the globe: Pokemon go. The newest smart phone game from Nintendo has been getting a lot of attention.

But not all news is good when it comes to the handheld game. some reports claim the game can be downright dangerous.

One guy claimed  he was bitten by a snake while playing Pokemon. Another guy fell off a cliff trying to “catch ’em all.”

“I think it’s a fun game to play but you’ve got to be aware of your surroundings,” said Max, an avid Pokemon player.

Other than distracted gamers, some medical pros believe the game actually has health benefits.

“Pokemon Go, it gives you the excuse to just to get out and not only get exercise but explore the environment around you,” Max said.

He says he’s getting out and about this summer thanks in part to the game.

“I’ve been getting more exercise lately just because I’ve been playing it,” he said. It’s addicting for me enough to want to keep on going at it and wanting to collect all the Pokemon stuff.”

Even teachers are saying they may allow Pokemon go when school starts back up to get kids fresh air and sunshine. On Wednesday  the game that’s sweeping the U.S. will be hitting apps in Japan.

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