DALLAS (KDAF) — We’re wanting to help your ears and those long commutes to work or even those long road trips with the family with some podcast suggestions! Everyone loves podcasts as they’ve taken the media scene by storm.

It seems if you’re successful on social media or popular amongst social media users, you’ve probably appeared on or have your own podcast. There are podcasts out there dedicated to comedy, food, sports, true crime and a million other topics.

Today, Inside DFW is bringing you a new podcast or two to listen to while you’re out and about. First up, is the Dallas-based podcast Doing It Right – The Stories That Make Us, hosted by author and national news contributor Valerie Sokolosty.

The podcast focuses on the journey to leadership and aims to authentically inspire its listeners.

Another great podcast pick is Who Ya Know, which is a show that gives encouragement on the job search process. They say who you know can be better than what you know. All the episodes are high energy and helpful.