Plotting to Clean: Community Restores Vandalized Cemetery

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Princeton Police say vandals trashed Princeton Cemetery in the middle of the night.

“Two weeks ago, it was a Friday night, we had some vandals that came out here, knocking over headstones, so approximately 44 headstones were actually knocked over and vandalized,” Princeton Police Chief James Waters said.

“It makes me feel sad,” Groundskeeper Kenneth Moore added. “People don’t realize what it takes to set these things back up.”

But this community is not letting this crime go unnoticed. Families, law enforcement, and volunteers came together Monday to clean up the graves — some dating back to the 1800s.

“There was some anger, some resentment, but right now, you can tell from the community that is out here, we’re looking to mend some hearts and bring the families some more closure,” Waters saod.

Families like that of Margaret Cantu, whose son Marcus passed in 2000.  He is buried at Princeton.

“That was the last vacation we had,” Cantu said, holding a picture of her son.

“He had a heart of gold.  He was my best friend.  I came out to talk to him, and I found this.  It broke my heart.”

The offense unearthed her grief all over again.

“Wish that whoever did it, realize what they have done. It’s just like, right now, because to a mother, there’s no name to when you lose a child,“ she said.

There’s a reward for information leading to an arrest. You can reach the Princeton Police Department at (972) 736-3901.

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