Plano Food Pantry Resurgence From Shutdown Leaves Them Dancing

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PLANO – What a difference a freezer makes.

Last month Minnie’s Food Pantry was shut down by the city of Plano because their freezers broke down and contaminated the whole place.

“I was crying the last time you saw me,” Owner Cheryl Jackson explained. “I was crying, I was nervous, I was scared and there were a lot of people crying with me because they didn’t know if they would have a meal.”

Jackson knows too well hungry families keep on coming for help, even when the freezer’s down.

“I need it. I have nothing in my refrigerator right now. Except like mustard and ketchup,” said one resident.

But the community rallied to fix the freezers and businesses like Bank of America stepped up with interns to help Minnie’s get back on their feet. But all good things must come to an end. School will be starting soon. Two of the interns head off to the University of Texas and another will head out for MIT.

While Minnie’s thrives on donations and volunteers, they now know what doesn’t kill the business only makes Minnie’s stronger.

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