Planned Parenthood says feminine products should be free in schools. Period.

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When it comes to feminine products in schools, Planned Parenthood says they should be free. Period.

You see, Planned Parenthood is fighting for Aunt Flow. They’ve created an online petition to make menstrual products free in public schools.

Their argument?

No one thinks twice about free toilet paper or hand towels in the restroom, so why aren’t menstrual products free?

They say girls all over the world pay a price when tampons or pads aren’t free. They miss school, can’t concentrate in class or have to jump through hoops just to take care of a normal bodily function.

New York has already become one with Mother Nature. They’ve stocked their restrooms with tampons and pads that don’t cost students a cent!

But there’s still work to do.

Schools argue feminine hygiene products are pricey. That has a lot to do with the tampon tax. While a couple of places, like Florida, California, and Illinois, have done away with the so-called luxury tax, it still exists.

Hopefully, this petition can help push the movement of change inside and outside the schools. That way the focus is on the students and not their monthly visitor.

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