Pit Bullies: Texas 500 & Other Famous Sports Brawls

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FORT WORTH, TX- Race engines weren’t the only things revved up at Texas Motor Speedway this weekend!

Jimmie Johnson took home the win in Sunday`s Nascar Sprint Cup Texas 500 Race.

But the main event just might have been the brawl between two of the losers.

Yeah, apparently Jeff Gordon came after Brad Keselowski for slamming into him during the last two laps.

“That’s something I’m not going to be ashamed for,” said Keselowski in a post interview. “A little bit of rubbin’, I think is how this sport was created.”

Before it was finished, this fight ended with a nasty pile up between both crews.

Hey, we thought this was supposed to be family fun at the racetrack, not a hockey game.

If ya think about it… some of the most infamous fights in hockey history have gotten pretty ugly too.

Even Ron Artest A.K.A “Metta World Peace” has taken his frustration out on the fans.

And let`s not forget about that training camp tussle our home team set off this year.

Well, hopefully Gordon and Keselowki will forgive & forget.

C’mon… If Holyfield eventually forgave Tyson for taking a bite out of his ear anything’s possible, right?

Anywho, It looks like TMS’ president Eddie Gossage is having the last laugh with this funny ad.

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