Pilot says mid-flight selfies are fake, but people still think they’re real!

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RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL — People will believe anything these days!

An airplane pilot with more than 64,000 followers on Instagram is getting a lot of attention for these photoshopped pictures.


However, with thousands of likes comes all the haters, and while a lot of people see the sky high pics aren’t real, others just aren’t buying it!

One person posted, “How come this does not effect the cabin pressure or like blow your face away because of the wind speed?”

Another was really worried about the selfie stick picture when they said, “I hope this is over water because if you dropped that, something below could get damaged or someone could be killed.”

In case any of you are still skeptical, here are a few signs these are 100% photoshopped.

The reflection in his glasses shows he’s still on the ground, his hair isn’t blowing wildly in the wind, plus it’s not possible with how fast planes fly!

The pilot even says so himself! On all of those pictures he says, “I have to let you know that photo is fake guys,”ย and the last two say, “Photoshop mode on.”

It got so bad, he deleted this one.

To avoid any confusion, we’re letting everyone know, these pictures are capital f.a.k.e FAKE.

Now we’ve cleared that up, can we admire this guy’s Photoshop skills?


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