Pilot Project: Father and Son Fly Together on American Airlines Flight

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DFW AIRPORT--Lots of sons follow their fathers when it's time to choose a career.

There's George & George W.

Bum and Wade Phillips.

And Ben & Jerry--Stiller!

So it shouldn't be a big surprise when a son follows his father into the friendly skies.

Meet Jamie Wood. He's about to go on his first flight with American Airlines as a first officer.

"This is one of the most exciting day of my life," he said.

And the other guy? That's proud papa Randy Wood.

"I've flown for 29 years with American Airlines," Randy said. "He just got hired back in August and this is his first trip on the line as a fully qualified first officer."

But Captain Randy isn't here just to see his son off on his first voyage.
He's the pilot of this flight.
Naybe there'll be a little last minute advice.

"Today's just the accumulation of advice over years and years," Jamie said. "Anytime I need help on anything regarding flying, he's the guy I go to."

And at least for 1 day, father and son are flying off together.

"He's the expert," Jamie said. "He's the hero in my eyes."

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