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DALLAS — This Valentine’s Day, love didn’t come in a heart-shaped box, in a vase; nor did it come printed on a card.

On this day reserved for romance and reflections of emotion – love was found expressed in art.

“I chose to do a dove because I knew everyone else would do hearts,” artist Christina Brown said. “So, I wanted to be different and do a dove because it’s also a symbol of love.”

“As soon as I got the quote, and I saw the part about men and nations need to grow – they need love to grow. So, I thought I’d get a whole lot of flags, and put them on this paper,” Devin Morrow explained of her artwork.

The Dallas Love Project, created by the group 29 Pieces, features 50-works of original art.  The pieces were initially made as a tribute to John F. Kennedy.
On Saturday, the select pieces were donated.

“We’ve just installed a temporary exhibit of the Dallas Love Project collection at the Sixth Floor Museum,” Lindsey Richardson with the Sixth Floor Museum explained.

“Most of them are students, they’re local students – there are some artists; some participants from different community groups around Dallas. But, the majority of them are students.”

Each inspired piece serves to promote peace and remind everyone – all we need is love.