Photo of dog carrying dog food after Hurricane Harvey goes viral

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SINTON, Texas – A golden retriever mix named Otis is providing inspiration in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

A photo of the dog’s spirit and ability to adapt after Harvey has gone viral.

“He just looked so uplifted by having that bag of food it was just precious it was like the cutest thing I’d ever seen,” Tiele Dockens, the woman behind the now viral photo of Otis, said.

Hurricane Harvey produced up to 70 miles per hour winds in Sinton. It could have killed the elderly dog, but instead set the scene for a photo that spread a message.

“To my surprise here comes Otis with a bag of dog food in his mouth a full 5 pound bag of dog food in his mouth like ‘Hey I’m home and I got me some provisions here you know,” the dog’s owner, Salvador Segovia, said.

The photo has been shared throughout the world. People seem to identify with this simple concept that contains a valuable lesson.

“I think Otis makes a point in telling the people in Texas we will survive,” Segovia said.


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