Pets Alive: Rescue Group Focuses on Overlooked Pets

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Rescue Group Focuses on Overlooked Pets

(DALLAS, Texas) There is nothing better than a happy dog — and nothing sadder than one that’s been beaten, abused, left with no chance.

“Too many animals out there don’t have a chance, and its not right,” says Max Morrison, Vice President of Dallas Pets Alive!

It can be pretty ‘ruff’ out there for a pup sometimes. That’s where  Dallas Pets Alive! helps out.   Sound familiar? Yeah, they’re that  group that created a social media hit with ‘muttbombing.’ Yep, they photobomb pictures of dogs up for adoption into your Instagram selfies. Hey, they’ve even muttbombed some famous pictures.   It all helps getting dogs adopted.

Each week on NewsFix, check out Ruff Life.  With the help of Dallas Pets Alive! you’ll see dogs that were near death and made it back. You see, they rescue dogs sometimes hours away from being put down at local shelters — then they find someone to nurse the dog back to health.  Soon, it’s a doggie do-over in a new home.

Here is more information on Pets Alive.

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