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DALLAS, TX — When it comes to softball these athletes prove you don`t have to hear a sound to make some noise on the diamond.

This is The Southwest Softball Association of the Deaf. On saturday, the teams took the field for the annual regional tournament in Dallas. About 300 deaf and hard of hearing players suited up and played ball.

“We`re all enthusiastic, we want to win the championship.” Thelma Covello, the commissioner of the association, signed through an interpreter. “It`s wild, it`s crazy, it challenges us all… we always want to compete to win, it`s very competitive!”

Competitive is right! These players let their bats and gloves do the talking! And you don`t have to understand sign language to see the emotion on the faces of the competitors, after they win a championship!

“It`s one of the best feelings in my life, winning the first championship!” Jose Amador, coach of the women’s champions, signed through an interpreter.

“We never won one before. The team has been progressing for two months now and we finally won, it feels wonderful! They did a wonderful job, a lot of hard work, thinking positive, cooperating and they won the championship!”

No matter what curve ball life throws your way these guys are teaching us all to swing for the fences!