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WASHINGTON, DC — Bosses. Either you love them or you hate them!

You know you’ve got a good leader when you don’t dread getting them something for National Boss’s Day! We want to know what the nation’s head-honcho did to celebrate.

It seems President Trump had a regular ol’ day! He had some meetings, press conferences, just a typical Monday for the Prez!

We all know President Trump may not be the most likeable boss, considering he’s said “You’re fired!” more than a few times to some of his White House staff.

Another thing we want to know: do people actually like their bosses?

Social media seems to! People flooded the Twittersphere with balloon pics and kind words for their fearless leaders.

Forsyth Central High School in Forsyth, Georgia did the most with their principal. They gave him a cape and played him a song as he walked through the halls.

You might have a really good boss, but we all know who the best boss is.


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